A COVID-19 homebirth in Gothenburg, Sweden

Foto & copyright: Lily Ray Media

”The labour was surprisingly painful, which might sound like a funny thing to say regarding childbirth, but the truth was that after terrible back labour with Elsie I’d been hoping for a ‘regular’ one this time around.
But it was not to be, and the back labour was, once again, intense and horrible.
One of the wonderful things about continuity of care in a maternity setting is the after-birth debrief. During a lovely home visit a few days after the birth, Johanna and Nina were able to walk me through the labour and explain a lot of the things I’d been confused about at the time.
He had gotten a little caught up sideways with a shoulder stuck on my pubic bone and wasn’t descending as he should, puzzling everyone and causing the labour to be longer and more painful than it maybe should have been.”

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